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Who we are

CCA is a collection of community leaders and organizations that have united under the shared mission of restoring the foundations of faith, family, and economic prosperity to communities of color.
Our mission is to empower minority communities to pursue political liberation, social conservatism, and economic prosperity by shifting the narrative on political and social issues via the promotion of economic empowerment, education, and social equity of opportunity.
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Together we’ll tell BLM-GNF’s corporate funders that promoting destruction and death in the name of “woke” politics bad for their brands—and horribly wrong for America.
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Our work

CCA pushes back hard against this false narrative and racialization of politics. Its members and spokespeople are influential black clergy and leaders who have demonstrated the fearlessness to push back against the Left’s false narratives.
We work to unite the Black and Brown communities to develop a social consciousness of personal responsibility, hope, and prosperity, based on our shared values; AND to move the vote in Black and Brown communities away from radical leftist or so-called “progressive” policies, and agendas that conduce only to our own destruction.