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BLM called for dead cops--and that’s what they got.

But they didn’t do it alone. Some of America’s largest corporations funded their carnage--from deadly riots across America to the murder of police officers--through donations to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM-GNF, “BLM”).
We’re calling on these corporations to apologize for their support of BLM-GNF and to pledge instead to support the communities that have been forever altered by BLM’s lies.
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Together we’ll tell BLM-GNF’s corporate funders that promoting destruction and death in the name of “woke” politics is bad for their brands—and horribly wrong for America.
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An empowering mission

To empower minority communities to pursue political liberation, social conservatism, and economic prosperity by shifting the narrative on political and social issues via the promotion of economic empowerment, education, and social equity of opportunity.
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A conservative vision

A conservative transformation within communities of color that promotes and empowers a restoration of the cultural values of faith, family, and community.
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